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5 ml bottles of natural cuticle oil (Aura bottles)


- Moisturizing nails & skin

- Repairs broken, damaged nails while promoting nail growth.

- They're nutrient-rich, with 100% natural ingredients.

- Strengthens nails.

- Makes manicure last longer.

- Easy to use.


Cuticle oil helps keep your skin moisturized, helping them stay strong and healthy. Additionally, the natural oils found in many cuticles can help hydrate the skin around the nail beds, reducing hangnails and keeping them from becoming dry and brittle. Also it makes your manicure last longer!

Apply 3 times a day.


Lipgloss pen: 2.5 ml

Twist pen: 3 ml

Aura bottles: 5 ml

Cuticle oil

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  • No returns/refunds due to hygienic reasons. 

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